How to make the most of your underfloor heating

Article Date: 29 July 2022

One of the most frequently asked questions about this popular way to heat a home is, whether it’s cheaper to keep underfloor heating on all the time. Also, to manage bills and still enjoy lovely warm rooms, ‘What is the best temperature setting for underfloor heating?’

To provide answers to these queries and more, here are 8 tips on making the most of your underfloor heating.

1. Get the best solution for your property

This is the most fundamental aspect of optimising this efficient way to heat rooms and generate hot water. How your heating system is configured and installed affects its function, durability and energy use.

UFHS provides customised underfloor heating Sheffield homeowners can depend on for overall thermal efficiency and good coverage.

2. Heat people, not space

Once you have an appropriate and effective heating system designed and installed, remember it’s the perfect way to stop expensive heat from being lost to empty spaces - or worse still outdoors!

Adjust your settings to deliver consistent and well-disbursed heat in the rooms you occupy frequently. Turn it off for rooms that are empty or during the hotter months.

3. Round the clock for underfloor heating?

After saying that, many people find underfloor heating is still a money-saving alternative to traditional ways to keep a home warm even when they leave it on 24 hours a day.

This makes sense in the winter months, as your well-dispersed heat will keep rooms at an even temperature, around the clock. Whereas leaving a room to go very cold can mean turning your thermostat higher for a while, using a blast of additional energy.

4. Get familiar with your thermostat

You need to 'play round' when learning how to adjust settings on your underfloor heating, to keep a steady spread of just the right temperature for you and your family. It’s a highly versatile way to heat a home, so experiment. Including low settings to keep underfloor heating economical even when left on 24 hours a day in winter.

5. Consider other features of your rooms

Though underfloor heating designs are an innovative way to keep your property warm, they are not a ‘magic bullet’! You still need to consider ways to trap the warm air generated by your heating system.

For instance, up-to-date double glazing, and good quality curtains can be used to stop heat from escaping through glass in the colder months.

6. Underfloor heating servicing

When you source the best underfloor heating designs, you have a largely maintenance-free way to warm your home and enjoy hot water. However, commissioning regular servicing makes sense.

Any necessary small adjustments or repairs can be tackled swiftly and decisively. Servicing keeps your efficiency levels higher, and your bills lower too.

7. Think ahead, to make the most of your underfloor heating

Keeping your underfloor heating system in a tip-top condition also involves switching it on occasionally in summer, so you don’t find niggles when the temperatures outside are ‘challenging’.

8. Research energy providers

Finally, shop around for the best energy deals. Making sure you are getting the best-priced electricity and gas for your home is important, even when you’ve opted for an energy-efficient underfloor heating system.

To start laying the foundations of an effective way to heat your home, contact the ‘warm’ and friendly team at the Underfloor Heating Shop Ltd.


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