Screed Between Joist

Underfloor heating between joists can be used either with existing or new timber Joist. Battens are fixed either side of the Joists to support the insulation, pipes and screed. You create a void that is 25mm from the top of the joist, install the pipes and screed flush to the top.

Benefits of underfloor heating between joists

  • No increase in floor height
  • Uses readily available materials
  • Suitable for a DIY Project
  • Low cost install
  • Spreads heat evenly across the floor
  • Suitable for area’s that do not exceed a maximum of 75W/m².

*Please note that this method will add approximately 25Kg/m2 of weight onto the joist so may need structural approval. 

Aspects from the diagram

  1. Joist
  2. Battens fixed to the joist
  3. 50mm (min) Foil Backed insulation
  4. UFH Pipes
  5. 25mm screed
  6. Structural Floor e.g. Chipboard
  7. Floor Finish

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