Underfloor Heating Design

Underfloor heating is one of the most luxurious aspects a house can have, literally heating your home from the ground up. To make the most of your underfloor heating system, you need a quality design that’s unique to your property’s architecture. At the Underfloor Heating Shop, we can help create the heating system of your dreams.

Bespoke underfloor heating design

Discover the ideal heating system for your property. Our approach is client-based, meaning we work with you to create innovative solutions curated to your space. From homeowners looking to create a cosy living space to business owners seeking to add an element of luxury to their customer experience, we can help. By drawing up a pipework layout using CAD, you can understand how your system will work before installation begins.

Experienced professionals

At the Underfloor Heating Shop, customer satisfaction is the most crucial aspect of our work. As experienced professionals in the industry, we pride ourselves in respecting your design ideas and treating your property with respect. We use our knowledge to ensure you get the most efficient result possible.

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Comprehensive underfloor heating services

Go beyond a design on pen and paper with our comprehensive services. We will see your project through from beginning-to-end, taking it from design to supply and installation.

Our team combine over 30 years of industry experience to find an effective design that works for you. When partnered with our knowledge of installation too, we offer practical advice on the best route forward. Save time and resources finding additional contractors with our all-inclusive service, and see the benefits of our top-quality designs for yourself.

Find out more

If you’re interested in our bespoke design services at the Underfloor Heating Shop in Sheffield, get in touch to find out more. Our expert team are on hand to design commercial and residential underfloor heating systems alike, so contact them today to start creating your perfect heating solution.


Really slick and professional.  All the piping for our bungalow was put down in one day and the floors all screeded the next.  We were back in the day after so minimum time out of the house and minimum fuss all round. Many thanks.

Very happy with the underfloor heating we have had done.Would highly recommend them to anyone.Very reliable and professional!!

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