Aluminium Plates

Aluminium spreader plates are a similar arrangement in floor construction as the screed between joist but adds very little weight to the joist loading. The underfloor spreader plates are fixed to the joist and the pipes are installed into the pre- formed groove in the aluminium spreader plates.

Benefits of Underfloor heating with aluminium spreader plates

  • No increase in floor height
  • Uses readily available materials
  • Suitable for a DIY Project
  • Fast and dry installation
  • Spreads heat evenly across the floor
  • Can be made to suit various joist centres.
  • Can be installed from above or below.
  • Suitable for area’s that do not exceed a maximum of 75W/m².

Aspects from the diagram

  1. Joists
  2. Foil backed insulation
  3. UFH Pipework
  4. Aluminium Plates
  5. Structural Floor e.g. Chipboard
  6. Floor Finish

Aluminium spreader plates for Underfloor heating

We quite often install underfloor heating with aluminium spreader plates in all sorts of houses. A popular reason for customer wanting to use aluminium spreader plates for their underfloor heating is so that the floor remains the same height. The real world advantage of this is that no alterations has to be made to doors and joining floors and rooms.

Its also a relatively quick and easy method for installing underfloor heating which is also another bonus to all customers. I would say that from all the underfloor heating installations we do in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, Underfloor heating with aluminium spreader plates is probably the most popular.

Please get in touch if you would like any more information about aluminium spreader plates or any of our Underfloor heating products or services.

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