Underfloor Heating Installation

At the Underfloor Heating Shop, we are experts in underfloor heating installation. With 30 years of combined experience, our team can ensure that you have economical heating for your home in no time.

Why underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is increasingly becoming a more popular choice for businesses and homeowners in the UK. This type of heating offers increased comfort, warming your feet so that you can walk barefoot all year round. Underfloor heating is also energy efficient, unlike traditional radiators which need to be heated to a very high temperature. Plus, underfloor heating heats the entire room evenly, meaning you will have no cold areas.

Another benefit of underfloor heating is that it improves the design of your home, removing the need for radiators which take up space. It makes the most out of your current floor space while being hidden away. Plus, it is cheaper to run, with up to 20% lower energy costs than a traditional radiator system.

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The installation process

At Underfloor Heating Shop, we make the underfloor heating installation process quick and easy. After viewing your home or site, we can offer you a no-obligation quote, and get to work on installing your heating. Most projects can be completed in one day which saves you hassle, and you will normally be able to use your underfloor heating within a week of installation. You can have any type of floor covering over underfloor heating, including carpet, tiles and laminate flooring.

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If you are looking to have underfloor heating installed, get in touch with Underfloor Heating Shop. Based in Sheffield but serving the majority of the UK, our team can visit your site or home to offer you a free quote. For more information, contact us today.


Really slick and professional.  All the piping for our bungalow was put down in one day and the floors all screeded the next.  We were back in the day after so minimum time out of the house and minimum fuss all round. Many thanks.

Very happy with the underfloor heating we have had done.Would highly recommend them to anyone.Very reliable and professional!!

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